Emily the Elephant

Hello there, I’m Emily. I have large, floppy ears that act as giant fans. As I flap them back and forth, I create a light breeze that helps me stay cool in the hot sun. Can you guess what animal I am?

I’m the largest animal on earth, weighing a whopping 1000 kilos. So, when food becomes scarce and hard to find, my body can store lots of fat and water to keep me healthy. And my large frame scares other animals away. Have you guessed what I am?

No? Let’s have another go. I live in grassland and like to eat millets, rice, wheat, bluegrass, ryegrass, bamboos and sugarcane. In a day, I can consume 300 pounds of food! Have you worked out who I am? 

You may have the right answer. I love to swim in deep water with friends. It keeps my body nice and cool in the sun. Unlike turtles, who like to be alone, we are animals that love to socialise in our walks of life. In good times and bad times, we stick together.

So, since you’re still listening to me, I presume you want to know more about me. I’m Emily the elephant that lives in India. I am happy and safe, but that was not always the case. 

When I was one year old, my dad, Peter, wandered off and never came back. My mum, Lisa, told me he lost his way and forgot which way is our home. 

When I turned ten, she revealed that he was taken away by poachers because they wanted his ivory tusk. She did not say if he is okay or if he will ever come back. 

When I turned twelve, my good school friend, Roland, told me that poachers kill elephants so they can take their tusks and sell them at the market. He said, poachers have captured thousands of elephants from their homes. When I found this out, I was scared for my life.

Luckily, a little family has adopted my mummy and me. They found us near our old home and made sure we have everything we need like shelter, food and friends. I love them like my own family. 

Three times a year, they receive updates about how we are getting along! I love them very much! Mummy says they saved our lives.

Published by Simply Joana

I am a quirky writer here to have fun.

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