Timmy the Turtle

It’s all fuzzy. My beak is itching me. My nose is tickling me. My sister is squeezing me. My brother is moving around my head. 

In a blink of an eye my sister stretches out her brown flipper to pull me up from the giant sand nest. 

“WE NEED TO ESCAPE AS FAST AS WE CAN!” shouts my brother, standing above me, on a mountain of dry and hot sand. 

I push up with my legs as hard as I can. It’s slippery, and I keep on falling on my head. 


Who are they? I think to myself. Then I hear strange, loud noises coming from someone close by. I want to crawl back into my shell. All of a sudden, grey, smoky clouds the size of houses sweep over us. I can’t see anything. It’s humid and dusty. I cough out the stinky ashes around me. Strange tall creatures with legs, arms and heads are burning trees over the horizon. I look around before gripping to a star-shaped rock to pull myself up from the flat land. 

The bubbly, soft sea is close to me. Its blue hands are steadily approaching me, smelling of sweet shrimp and seaweed. The sun, a yellow hot ball in between the murky ash clouds, blinds my eyes, making my shell sting. Where are you, brother? Where are you, sister? 

I chirp, grunt and wiggle. The ashy smoke passes. With my little eyes, I spot a mob of great blackbirds with long and pointy beaks flying above my head. Mouths opened, eyes bulging, coming closer and closer. I spot my sister, in the distance, rapidly passing towards the shore. The growling vultures are now chasing her. The soft waves of the water are toying with her. I have to run to safety. 

Something is flying. It’s not a bird. It’s not a cloud. It looks like a huge, flawlessly clear wrapper. It grabs my sister’s beak, head, shell and tail. My sister grunts loud and harsh; her body shakes as the ashy wind returns. Where are you, mum?

Once again, I can’t see her. Everything is fuzzy. I can’t keep my balance. The ash vultures, dangerously close to the beach, retreat to the scared sky. I am going dizzy again. I stumble and fall on a round lump of sticky vanilla cream. My tongue feels funny. A strange creature with golden pigtails in her hair and two front teeth mumbles to another bigger creature, wearing a red hat with two sun-kissed arches. 

“Oh no, my ice cream!”

The bulkier creature glares at me before coming closer. I squint my sore eyes. 

“He points his finger at me. “Look, it’s a sea turtle, sweetie.”

“Can we take him home, daddy?”

He scratches his wrinkled forehead and raises his left, hairy eyebrow before pulling a warm smile at the little curious creature. 

He laughs. “No sweetie, Timmy is going to the sea to find his mummy.”

“Can we call him Timmy? Timmy the turtle?”

“Okay, let’s give Timmy a little space and wave him goodbye.”

“Bye, bye, Timmy!”

I close my eyes as tightly as I can. When I open them and poke my head out of my shell, two giant brown eyes stare at me, like the eyes of the sea. Its head jiggles like a tambourine. As I come closer to the sea, I can smell the juicy shrimp and seaweed, the rest of my life.

The water is cool and refreshing. The brisk and graceful waves bounce around me, swishing around my legs and flappers, carefully washing away all the dust, ash and grey. Finally, I can find, mummy.

Published by Simply Joana

I am a quirky writer here to have fun.

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